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The Land of Oz

I thought maybe Australia was called Oz for some mystical reason, but in reality it's just a mispronounciation of "Aus", the shortened version of the country's name. That being said, Australia has been nothing short of magical for us so far.

We landed on my sixth continent in the far north, where exist the wet tropics. The area is best known for the awesome Great Barrier Reef and also a breathtaking rainforest. We made sure to visit both during our time there! Being some 2900 kilometers long, our full day reef tour only took us to two of the many reefs that cover the insane distance. I am thankful that Catherine talked me into doing the dives, as there is nothing like seeing the reef up close from 40 feet under water!

The following day we rented a car and drove into the Daintree Rainforest, north of the town of Cairns that we were staying in. This was my first time driving on the left side of the road, but it was actually quite intuitive - with the exception of turning on the wipers a few times while trying to use the turn signal! Our drive took us through some amazing scenery to some incredible rainforest hikes. We also did a croc cruise - searching the Daintree River on a pontoon boat for the beasts! Even though it wasn't really the best time of year to see them, we did spot one on the river - and she definitely spotted us too! We made time in between our walks to visit a few beaches and enjoy the view out over the reef. We even stopped at an ice cream place known for using local fruits to make delicious, unique flavors!

The weather has been quite hot so far, clearing 90 degrees every day. We are in the Outback right now, and temperatures are soaring above 100. Speaking of the Outback, we're having an amazing time here so stay tuned for another post very soon! I wanted to upload some pictures, but the internet here is very slow and is not cooperating. I will add some pictures when the connection is a little more stable.

Talk to you soon!

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