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North Island photos

Well, I sort of found a workaround for uploading photos, so although it is probably too little too late, enjoy some pictures of New Zealand’s North Island!

Wellington Skyline

Start of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing

The real Mt. Doom

It got pretty hard to see

Lake Taupo

Lady Knox geyser at Wai-o-tapu geothermal park

Green volcanic lake

Even greener volcanic pool

Bubbling mud pools

Ethan participating in traditional Maori dance

Pohutu geyser - Te Puia

Deep in the glow worm caves

Pictured left to right: Catherine, Ethan, Noah

Not pictured: Glow worms

(They need perfect dark to survive)


Bilbo and Frodo's home - Bag End

A hobbit at his home

Auckland Skyline

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