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New Mexico Back Roads...

On Day 2 we hung around in Taos. Since our hotel was just 2 minutes up the road we went back to check out San Francisco de Asis during the daylight and got to go inside. Again, no pictures allowed unfortunately. :0/ But glad we got to see inside! It has these old fashioned wooden pews and a super interesting altar that’s carved/painted directly on to the wall…

Next we hit the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, which depending on what you read is either the 5th or 10th tallest bridge in the United States. Who knows? It’s about 10-15 minutes outside of downtown Taos. We drove across and then stopped in one of the parking areas to take photos. It’s a beautiful site and a great photo op! The bridge, the gorge, the mountains in the background… I couldn’t convince my dad to come, so he stayed behind with the pup while I walked on the bridge. The view of the gorge and river itself from the bridge is amazing!! It’s super high of course and it was really windy, but it wasn’t that bad! And it really only shook when big rigs drove by…:0) Not recommended for those afraid of heights…

Spent the evening in the downtown Taos plaza where they were doing the seasonal Christmas tree lighting. There was live music, fire pits, free hot chocolate and cookies! Of note, New Mexico gets cold in December!!! Like below freezing. The fire and hot chocolate made for a super cozy night. Spending this extra day in Taos turned out to be a good idea because it allowed us to rearrange our driving schedule such that we were driving in the mornings rather than evenings, because as it turns out there’s a lot of lonely, winding and windy mountain roads coming out of Taos.

The New Mexico country side is indeed beautiful, but definitely lonely. I’m glad my dad came along because this was my most desolate drive so far. Although great views of the Rio Grande from Taos to Farmington, I could have probably counted the amount of cars we passed as well as the amount of…towns? Villages? Not quite cities… Again, the route was not great with cell phone service, and also had minimal services in the way of gas stations or food. So far my impression of New Mexico is that it’s a great spot for outdoor activities and very educational in terms of the Native American history, but not much in the way of ‘tourist’ spots if that’s your thing.

Just a picture of my pretty girl!

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