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Horseshoe Bend, You Win.

After a night in Farmington, NM which included some decent BBQ and some reallllly good fried okra at The Spare Rib BBQ Company, we headed out to stop at the Four Corners Monument. This is the spot where the four state borders intersect-Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, which is pretty cool. When else can you say you’ve been in 4 places at once? It really is like a 10 minute stop though, if that. Cost is $5/person, no pets allowed out on the monument. Stand on the monument in weird yoga pose, take a picture, and peace out. A few street vendors, but besides that there’s nothing else in the area. I mean…nothing. Closest hotel is probably about an hour away. There was a food stand of sorts but it was closed today - fair enough considering the 30 degree weather with snow and random hail storms. I think maybe there was a bathroom?? There might have been a plaque or two to read, but we were derailed back to the car in a quick fashion by one of aforementioned hail storms.

Three or four hours West later we hit Page, Arizona and Horseshoe Bend. Horseshoe Bend is what I will remember from today. A friend of mine had said it was ‘whatever’, but I went anyway and it was AMAZING. I believe majestic is the word I actually used. So glad we stopped! I read that it’s gotten extremely popular in the last few years and can be overcrowded and parking can be rough and people are repeatedly turned away when the parking lot was full, just being left to try their luck again later... I'm guessing we we're here in off season though because it’s November and cold, and while there was still a good amount of people there, it wasn't nearly enough to be annoying. And the parking in the small lot was plenty! 

That being said during summer I’m guessing it quadruples. In addition to dealing with crowds weather would also be a factor, as it’s a short hike from the parking area to the lookout. Less than a mile, I think 3/4 mile is what its listed as. And the way there is easy as it’s down a small slope, which makes the way back of course uphill. Totally doable in today’s 40 degree weather without the hat, sunscreen, and water bottle suggested by all the signs… But in 90 degree summer heat?!?! It would still be worth it though. It’s amazing. Beautiful. Other-worldly. Fantastic. Every good adjective I can imagine applies here. I could have hung around there all day taking photos… but pictures just don’t do it justice. Super easy to find right off Route 89 and maybe 10 minutes from downtown Page. No tour company needed... But speaking of, also in Page is Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon Tours which we have booked for tomorrow. It’s supposed to be less crowded/touristy and more personal than Antelope Canyon. To be continued.

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