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4 Year Old World Traveler

Hi, it's Catherine, giving Noah a break this week.

People along the way in our trek around the globe have asked us what it's like traveling with a young child. So, I'd like to share with all those that may be curious about our experience thus far…


Our son, Ethan, had been on several flights before starting this trip including some crossing the Atlantic. He loves going to airports and flying on planes (especially on those with individual TV screens). So, we had that working in our favor given that we would be on MANY flights over the course of our journey around the world. Besides flying, he also enjoys rides on the train, metro, bus, boat, and car. He has his sights set on taking a helicopter and fire truck ride as well.

Ethan steering our boat in Hanoi, Vietnam like it's no big deal!


Like most young kids, Ethan loves attention. In every place we've been, people have taken a liking to him. More so in the Asian countries, young and old, man or woman, can’t seem to help but touch his hair or cheek and play silly face games with him. We are always keeping a close eye on what's going on with strangers around us, but it is in these moments where I get to see someone who looks so cold at first instantly melt when Ethan smiles at them. Even when we may not understand each other's languages, Ethan demonstrates with complete strangers other ways to connect. Observing these interactions on an almost daily basis helps to make this trip much more than completing a checklist of things to see.

No caption needed, right?


We have a rather brave and adventurous boy, but when it comes to food, let's just say that Ethan becomes a little timid. He has tried a number of new dishes, but we often have to play a wait-and-see-what-he-eats (or doesn't eat) type game at meal time. Back home, I prepare most dinners and can ensure our family has decently nutritious meals. While traveling, it's not so easy and dinner can take up a fair amount of time because of the hunt for food that everyone will eat. We continue to encourage him to try new foods and hope that he'll be more open to it the more we visit new places. Fingers crossed!

Maybe he likes it??


When we're not traveling to a new city / country, our days typically look like the following (but is always subject to change):

>Wake up, have breakfast, and be out the door in about an hour

>Explore the city /sites for the morning into early afternoon


>Afternoon break where Ethan will either play or work on some learning activities. Noah and I are usually working on future trip details, playing with Ethan, or simply relaxing.

>Late afternoon involves more exploration and hunting for dinner.

>As evening sets in, we're brushing teeth, reading a story, and doing our prayer time before saying ‘good night’.

Play time at "home".


I'm grateful for this time that my family has to see and experience so much in different parts of the world. And I'm really grateful to have this time with Ethan before he starts school in the fall. I have loved watching him become such an incredible boy over these few short months. He is a great traveler and so much more! My hope is that Ethan will remember and look back on this time as something really special he did with his mom and dad. I know I will…

Boat ride on Lake Inle, Myanmar.

Stay tuned for more great stories from my husband, Noah!


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