About us


A late starter, I started traveling after I was no longer eligible for youth discounts, except for in Brazil where I managed to get half price movie tickets on a expired college ID. This meant getting more creative in saving money, so I've become an expert in earning and redeeming points/miles on credit cards. 5 of my last 7 trips have been on free air tickets :)

I have been traveling for 10 years now on work vacations, between jobs and during breaks. Most of my travels have taken me to Europe, with a little bit of other parts of the world sprinkled in. Having an Indian passport meant a lot of colourful visa stickers and running out of pages fast. Starting to discover South East Asia and visas on arrival lately...

As a football fan, traveled to the World Cup 2010 in South Africa and the Euro 2012 in Poland, and a few club football matches in Europe and Brazil. 






Having not traveled much as a child, it was a solo backpacking trip to Europe fresh out of college that revealed to me just how amazing our world really is.  I've traveled extensively since then, more than once leaving behind employment and home to be on the road for months at a time.

Since I've started traveling I've picked up two permanent travel mates, my wife Catherine of 10 years and most recently my son Ethan who is currently four.  While there is something to be said for solo travel, it is a blessing to be able to travel with people you can really connect with, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

We are in the process of doing another round the world trip until the summer of 2019.  I hope you'll follow along as we blog this journey that will take us to many new places!  With a travel dreams list as long as ours though, I assure you that there are many more trips for us on the horizon!






I was bitten by the travel bug as a young kid and once I turned 18 it became my favorite hobby! Now I find myself lucky enough to do it for a living as a travel nurse, spending 3 months at a time in different locations across the USA with my canine best friend Keanu!!! 


In-between my assignments I try to get out of the country as much as I can. Recently I've started taking each of my parents on a trip each year and it's been great to share my love of travel with them. I've logged something around 175,524 miles and don't plan to stop any time soon. I love my dog, a good book/movie/wine/pizza/hike, I enjoy long walks on the beach....really though, I feel like I'm writing an online dating profile!